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We are working hard on a brand new series of Co-Op CD projects called RADIO NOW! Bands & Solo Artists with original music may register to reserve their spot. All styles of music are welcome. NO BAND IS TURNED DOWN, however we may refuse any song if it is not appropriate for radio guidelines. Ex. Swearing, racism, sexism, etc... If you have questions at any time feel free to Get In Touch.


*Exposure on CD to college & independent radio station managers, DJs, for possible airplay

*Exposure on CD to magazines editors, writers, for possible reviews

*Exposure by email, and regular mail through our Press Release and Promotional Flyer

*Exposure online through the RADIO NOW and 3000 Records web sites

*Your music digitally mastered in a professional music studio

*A professional product you can use to promote your music with

*Make money selling copies of the CD

*Exposure through resources of all the other bands on the CD through cross-promotion when they sell or give away their copies

*Exposure to music fans of all ages through our Street Team

*Exposure to winners of our CD Giveaway Contest

*Entry in various contests for bands and other promotional opportunities that may benefit participating bands

*Access to ordering our private lists of our radio station and magazine contacts

*A discount on The Indie Bible containing over 8000 contacts in the music industry

*Make connections with the other participating bands

*Itís a fun way to get your music heard & gets results!

For a free email brochure and forms to participate enter your first name and email address. We will send you a free email brochure which includes:  (benefits, details about everything included with this service, the cost to participate, sponsorship information, frequently asked questions, terms of agreement, and all forms necessary to participate in our project). All information submitted will remain strictly confidential.


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