Besides placing a link on your web site, there are thousands of places you can promote your affiliate link! We recommend both online and offline marketing!

For online marketing:

  • Use music related messageboards

  • Use music related chat rooms

  • Use music related newsgroups (such as Yahoo! Groups)

  • Contact Bands & Musicians at places where they hang out online (such as

  • Pay per click search engines (such as Google Adwords)

  • Email people on your email list (do not spam!)

-Remember when marketing online to be respectful of other people online, and other web sites, newsgroups, etc... Do Not promote anywhere where you are not welcome!

For offline marketing:

  • Make flyers with your link and make it available at music related events and locations

  • Word of mouth (great results!)

  • Classified ads in local papers

  • Send postcards or letters to Bands & Musicians through regular mail

-Be creative to reach your target audience (Music conferences, festivals, concerts, music stores, etc..)